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hiya! lots of people call me kirby, berry, or luvbuggie/lovebuggie, or any variety of things! (various names can be found on my pronouny) you can call me whatever, long as i know you're talking to or about me :P

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Asriel's Sacrifice.

Done on a whim of inspiration, one of my quickest and most beloved pieces.

Originally finished August 2016

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Technically made it on Undertale's anniversary! (By, like, a couple hours, but still!) This was a traditional doodle that I decided to digitize.

[Pic ID: A fan art of Frisk and Flowey from Undertale. Flowey is looking down toward the ground in such a way that his face isn't shown as two petals fall from him. Frisk is reaching up toward him with one hand and has a concerned look on their face. Neither of them are touching the ground, and they both appear to be floating. Underneath Frisk are the words, "*But you refused." End ID.]

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Sans Fighting

One of my oldest works in digital, done sometime in the summer of 2016

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Celebrate! Drew this for Undertale's Anniversary last year.

Was watching @opportunity play Undertale and got reminded of the existence of Angry Sprite Papyrus and. I love him.

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Toby Fox | Hopes and Dreams / SAVE the World (in-game speed)

Hopes and Dreams / SAVE the World (in-game speed) | Undertale | Video Game Soundtracks

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a little hero to protect your blog

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oh my god i just realised itz september 15th

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Stop and smell the flowers!

@babushka I'll always take any chance to draw my girl, the fact that people wanna see more of her is a hella bonus***Commissions are open!***


I can't believe I forgot to link the speedpaint good lord here it is!!

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Esprit, my Undertale OC!

This art has a speedpaint, you can watch it here!

Commissions are open!