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They're sleeping exactly where my shoulders were less than 10 minutes ago.

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Aunt Jenny's oldest cat, and Bear's mother, Jade. The drama queen.

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rubbertig -

a cat: *exists*

me: *vibrates*

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How to wear a mask properly: kitty instruction

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How to wear a mask properly: kitty instruction

Human is warm so we both have to be on lap yes

Findus (right), Nepomuk (left, not looking at the camera because he hates it)

Dec. 2018

Slightly older picture of my boys, Findus (right) and Nepomuk (left)

Dec. 2018

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dv-art -


a fine selection of felines

[ID: Goofy doodles of cats done in blue pen. Some of them make cat noises. The top of the page reads "cat time....". End ID.]

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If anyone guessed "eared nightjar" you were correct. Threw in some tabby markings to make it a bit more interesting. Went a bit heavy on textures, but I definately didn't want this guy to seem flat. Shading... is still the bane of my existence when trying to make it kinda soft.

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merbleberp -

Seeing a black cat cross your path is a good omen because you get to see a cat.

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"Maybe, your life is not going pretty well now, but look how nicely this cat is popping the bubbles. He's like, boop boop."

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"Calm down, my sunshine"

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"- Kitty, where does kindness live?

- Hewe"

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I met this handsome fellow in Puerto Rico.

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This cat has his own purpose, just as that-

The Universe revolves around this cat.

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ANYWAY I was looking through my old picture from long ago and look what I found!! my little baby girl as a little baby bean!!

it's going to be two years since we found her and her mama in our overgrown garden (and a also certain little kitten abandoned in the woods that's grown up big, strong, and with an attitude after weeks of nerve-wracking bottle-feeding and fretting!!) in july!!

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Look at that face. It says "disturb my precious sister and you die".

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coffee -

for every reblog this post gets i will give my boy 1 (one) smooch

coffee -

ive given him about 100 smooches yall need to catch up

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me @ my furry friend when they start having a fit about something

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Do you think cats ever wonder why we don't purr? Do you think they ever worry because of it? Do we manage to clearly communicate to them when we're happy?

cjadewyton -

There' some evidence that cats are able to respond to human facial emotion and vocal tone[2] [3]! At least the basics.

Research done thinks they are able to learn how individual owners respond and how to tell if you, specifically, are happy. There's debate on if they can understand completely or understand a stranger's expression/tone, but cats are social creatures and in newer studies most social creatures have so far proved to be smarter and more empathetic then most of the old studies misinterperated them to be!