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hiya! lots of people call me kirby, berry, or luvbuggie/lovebuggie, or any variety of things! (various names can be found on my pronouny) you can call me whatever, long as i know you're talking to or about me :P

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They're sleeping exactly where my shoulders were less than 10 minutes ago.

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rubbertig -

a cat: *exists*

me: *vibrates*

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trance art! kindof got hung up on word "cute" & this was result . cute things only.

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Romancey things in stories that absolutely murder me:

  • When a character is looking at their best friend and is suddenly hit with, 'oh shit I'm in love with them,' like a ton of bricks

  • When one character falls asleep and the other puts a blanket over them/brushes hair out of their face/kisses their forehead

  • When character A gets injured and character B comes running to hold them and A tells them they love them because they're afraid they won't get another chance

  • When character A confesses their love and apologizes for it and character B takes their face and asks them why in the world they would ever need to apologize

  • Idiot characters becoming so close to one another that it should be obvious that they're in love but neither one of them realizing it and they just pine away after one another

  • Cheek touches

  • Almost touches and almost kisses where one or both characters realize what they're doing and suddenly pull away and neither of them ever talk about it

  • Character B doing something for character A that makes A realize, 'Oh my, they're in love with me'

  • Fixing one another's clothes

  • Character A watching character B lovingly when B isn't aware of it


  • Character A unintentionally does something to make character B think they don't feel the same way about them and realizing it just a smidgeon too late and having to chase them down and try to explain and they end up kissing to get themself across

Human is warm so we both have to be on lap yes

Findus (right), Nepomuk (left, not looking at the camera because he hates it)

Dec. 2018

Slightly older picture of my boys, Findus (right) and Nepomuk (left)

Dec. 2018

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bastard baby boy... hoozuki

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who wanna line thiz 4 me

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a fine selection of felines

[ID: Goofy doodles of cats done in blue pen. Some of them make cat noises. The top of the page reads "cat time....". End ID.]

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A cowgirl with a tiny piece of candy

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Mushroom Dweller

Been enjoying making these lil fantasy mushroom creatures

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ill never get tired of looking at draft horses. god theyre fuckin huge. what if megafauna but real

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You might also like to know:

They are generally the dopiest, friendliest big lugs and it’s freaking amazing to hug their giant chests because unlike a regular horse you can fully stand under their heads

Like moose are cool but you take your life into your own hands being near them

Draft horses will let you hug them and try to nibble on your hair

The BEST megafauna

[OC] Mami Icon

Heard good things about animating with Krita so it took it for a spin!
Gotta say I'm very excited about how crisp that is

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Trying some new stuff! Might make her a character idk yet

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:3c sometimes i think about kissing girls or holding a girl's hand and i

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If anyone guessed "eared nightjar" you were correct. Threw in some tabby markings to make it a bit more interesting. Went a bit heavy on textures, but I definately didn't want this guy to seem flat. Shading... is still the bane of my existence when trying to make it kinda soft.

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i luv saying soft things to my girlfriend and hearing her audibly melt it gives me the doki dokis

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Seeing a black cat cross your path is a good omen because you get to see a cat.

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"Maybe, your life is not going pretty well now, but look how nicely this cat is popping the bubbles. He's like, boop boop."