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hiya! lots of people call me kirby, berry, or luvbuggie/lovebuggie, or any variety of things! (various names can be found on my pronouny) you can call me whatever, long as i know you're talking to or about me :P

link to abt/dni/byf

i also do commissions now

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Attack I did for Kirudon of Cirro for ArtFight 2020

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I haven’t drawn anything in a month and I have no idea where I was going with this doodle 🤡

x3 -

colored a sketch n wateva. got lazie thooo

“It’s alright, It’s okay, you’re not a demon just a human and you made a few mistakes.”

Commissions open

alright @squeaky-warrior

ive never seen this movie(s?), and i only found like four partial refs, and also they are trans bc its pride month and i say so

and also cycling thru all the featured posts


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moon -

The Spirit of the High Seraph

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Aunt Jenny's oldest cat, and Bear's mother, Jade. The drama queen.

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Furry Chibi example for PleasantlyHauntedBird!

ophelia has a say in today’s prompt (i swear once i figure out her actual outfit it will be better)

Sailing off the Coast of Crimea on a Moonlit Night--Ivan Aivazovsky, 1858

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Birb cheeb for ClockworkRhapsody!

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absolutely bullshitted this skirt ahehehe

Yat Vantir, or Vantirya for short. they're a wandering plague-eating glider and a redesigned version of an incredibly old OC, who honestly deserves more of my love than they've gotten

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Been very into creature design recently, have another. Slime Duchess.

based on this tumblr post: X

been a while since I posted on here so I'll upload a few things before I start adding to my queue! or check out my twitter to see everything now! @ temporalcatnip

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don't mind me just trying to figure out how their uniforms work??

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saw someone really cute on a competition show and dm said they looked like gwili so now he has a new "definitely not from the feywild" disguise