add me on discord lovecubus#9935 [they/them]

hiya! lots of people call me kirby, berry, or luvbuggie/lovebuggie, or any variety of things! (various names can be found on my pronouny) you can call me whatever, long as i know you're talking to or about me :P

link to abt/dni/byf

i also do commissions now

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welcome to my new about!

you can call me Ender/Kirby. im 18 *shudders*, queer, nonbinary and im dating a good good fox boi. im playing POCKET FROGS nd i LOVE FROGS my code is 2RTK4

my tags are what they say on the tin. if you're ever curious about why i tagged something a certain way, just ask!

my other social media (excluding discord, lovecubus#9935) are for mutuals only upon request :>

kin list


— Normal DNI criteria

— You censor queer AND call it a slur (censoring for follower/personal comfort is okay but I will NEVER censor queer on my blog)

— Are any form of gatekeeper

— Are involved in intra-community discourse of groups you don't belong to, such as:

  • Cis tucute/transmed

  • Allosexual alloromantic inclusionist/exclusionist

  • 'Nonbinary skeptic' (These are literally only binary people, cis or not, in my experience)

  • Etc.

— Never joke about eating (whole, live) cephalopods on ANY posts where i talk about my love of squids. Feel free to describe your love of calamari away from those posts, since this is only a trigger when I'm gushing about them.