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hiya! lots of people call me kirby, berry, or luvbuggie/lovebuggie, or any variety of things! (various names can be found on my pronouny) you can call me whatever, long as i know you're talking to or about me :P

link to abt/dni/byf

i also do commissions now

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calling women out on sexism, racism and transphobia isn't misognyny okay

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Look Im not gonna hate on anyone's beliefs but you can't just go around saying something has been "scientifically proven" when it hasn't. There's no memory of water. There's no "scientific law of attraction" (there are different forces that can make objects attract, and they're based on different properties of said objects). Herbs and stuff cannot substitute modern medicine and "big pharma". "Placebo effect" doesn't mean the placebo actually heals the person, it means they can feel like they're getting better when physically they aren't. Saying otherwise is spreading dangerous misinformation. Science is not something you can choose to believe in.

shapeshifter oc who is a Bird

no one believes they're a bird though, despite the overwhelming evidence that they are, in fact, A Bird. they don't talk in their human form, but they refuse to shut up when they're in their bird form

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im wokring on a patch that says "stand for this flag or get out" w the trans flag but im thinking of also doing one that says "you disrespect this flag you disrespect those who died" w the progress gay flag

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art fight attack for sirenmarrow!

Sketch commission 👻

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The Moon Rose

fullbody commission

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[id: a black and white image, drawn with fountain pen and scanned in. It's a bust shot of Sunny, a human with a round face, wide nose, and a partially-shaved head, with longer hair on the top in tight curls. She wears a bandanna around her neck. Both her eyes are closed and she smiles and says, "Be OK, okay?" end id.]

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just a small quick thing i did for practice

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Remember to take breaks, it has been a long year and you absolutely deserve one. Your mental health is extremely important, so look after it!

Especially if you are helping other people, even if it brings you joy it can be very draining, so make sure to take some time to yourself every day!

You deserve it, Stay safe out there! 💚💚💚

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My art style is going through puberty right now aslkfjlakj

lovecubus reblogged cjadewyton i'm starting to play flight rising again

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Im not the best person to post about Armenia here (probably not a person to begin with), but its not like anyone else can do it

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so there appears to be a very nice carrd with a bunch of links and donation funds which doesn't contradict with what i've seen so far

as i was explained, there's Azerbajan-Armenian conflict, but Azerbajan is backed by Turkey and Turkey is financially backed by US so that's really unfair, and armenians basically consider this the continuation of Armenian genocide

everything is complicated and i might be wrong but here we have a bunch of info and a good place to start and yeah. there's another conflict in the world that goes largely uncovered so if you wanna research it there you go

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- for americans to take action

not all donation sites can be trusted apparently trusted site is

(humanitarian help)

also armeniafund.ejoinme. org is real but without the dot is fake! i have to see exactly

there are a lot of accounts with better sources, some of them are shared by Serj Tankian (i just mainly look at instagram sources becase im not on twitter).

so if you want info you probably should go directly there (me posting screenshots can lead to incaccessibility/misinformation im trying to avoid)

One of the popular hashtags is #peaceforarmenians i think

hey so plot twist i AM an enderman but also my current bf fox,,, was a slime.

another gemsona for that gemsona event being hosted on tumblr. this one's Mermaid Kyanite who technically should have a star on her because she's a Crystal Gem but oh well.

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Tell me to fight someone bear handed? No way, lose immediately. But give me any sort of object that could possibly be used as a weapon? Let em' at me.

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im pretty sure having bears for hands gives you immediate advantage

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i liked this one gesture drawing so now im going into more detail with it